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Corporate Governance

Given the fields within which we operate, Arqaam Capital is committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. Arqaam Capital has elected to adopt a Corporate Governance structure which is largely based upon the recommendations of the UK´s Combined Code on Corporate Governance issued by the Financial Reporting Council, with appropriate amendments. Arqaam Capital´s Corporate Governance structure may be summarised as follows:

Corporate Governance

Our Committees

Board of Directors - The supreme governing body of Arqaam Capital. The Board of Directors reviews Arqaam Capital's strategies and policies and all important decisions are reserved for the Board. The Board of Directors is assisted in its task by four Board Committees: the Nominations, Remuneration, Audit, and Risk Policy Committees. The Management Committee also play a significant role. View the details of our board of directors.

Nominations Committee - The Nominations Committee deals with the size, structure and composition of the Board and the Board Committees and the appointment, retirement and replacement of their members.

Remuneration Committee - The Remuneration Committee deals with the scale and structure of the remuneration for the directors, managers and employees of Arqaam Capital and reviews the performance of the Executive Directors.

Audit Committee - The Audit Committee deals with financial performance, audit, and legal and compliance.

Risk Policy Committee - The Risk Policy Committee deals with strategies and policies, and sets risk limits, in relation to Arqaam Capital's management of risk.

Management Committee - The Management Committee ensures that Arqaam Capital's policies and strategies are accurately implemented and that any issues are escalated to the appropriate levels. The Management Committee has two main sub-committees: the Financial Risk Committee and the Operational Controls Committee.

Financial Risk Committee - The Financial Risk Committee is a sub-committee of Arqaam Capital's Management Committee. It is responsible for Risk Management, Group Finance, the management of Gap risk in the balance sheet, and the review of structural positions within the balance sheet.

Operational Controls Committee - The Operational Controls Committee is a sub-committee of Arqaam Capital's Management Committee. It is responsible for all infrastructure related matters, including the establishment of front and back office functions in order to properly do business and identifying gaps and weaknesses that need to be addressed in terms of IT, Operations, Legal, Compliance, Finance, Risk management and otherwise.

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